What Is Dermatomyositis (DM)?

DM is a type of inflammatory disease characterized by distinct skin rashes. It is accompanied by muscle weakness, which may initially present as soreness or stiffness in the midsection, thighs, upper arms, and hips. This weakness often leads to difficulty completing everyday tasks, like climbing stairs, lifting objects, and even buttoning a shirt.1 The muscle pain may be accompanied by a distinctive reddish-purple rash in a heliotrope pattern on the upper eyelid or across the cheeks and bridge of the nose. Other noticeable signs include scaling and redness of the knuckles, elbows, and knees.

Treatment for DM is usually directed toward the specific symptoms that appear in each individual and typically involves the use of glucocorticoids. As with other types of myositis, there is no known cause or cure for DM, but the Flex Study is evaluating a potential option that may help manage DM symptoms.

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